Moving in.

I’m moving my blog here from my old site at Blogger.  I’ve brought all my old posts with me, and duplicated them here.  It makes me look like I’ve had an incredibly productive day or two of blogging, but sadly that’s not the case.


3 thoughts on “Moving in.

  1. Joseph says:

    …aaaaand, I just discovered that there’s a feature on WordPress that lets you automatically import entries from another blog…say, on Blogger.


  2. tameralee says:

    it seems like people don’t use blogger (or blogspot) very much anymore… why do you like wordpress?

    • Joseph says:

      It seems to be more robust. Plus, it’s the platform that my newly redesigned website uses, so I want to get more familiar with it. (Not that I’ve blogged very much lately, as I’m sure you can see….)

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